Gunner is a vibrant young boy, who at a month before he turned three years old, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This form of cancer causes white blood cells to multiply, at a rapid rate, within the bone marrow, and spread to other organs. Gunner’s parents had taken him to a local doctor in Lethbridge to get a check up. Within hours, Gunner was rushed to Calgary, to the Children’s Hospital. There, he under went five blood transfusions and three platelet transfusion. This caused Gunner, the inability to walk, but did save his life. If the Harris family had waited one more week for a check up, Gunner would have entered heart failure. After starting chemotherapy, he found the ability to walk again. Despite his illness, Gunner loves playing with his three siblings and his toy cars. His favourite movie is “Cars”, and throughout his treatment, that movie is what really makes him smile.

Gunner’s mom got in touch with Children’s Wish, asking that her son be given the opportunity for a wish. Gunner also struggles with a severe speech delay, but his mom did not have any problem expressing knowing what he would want. Gunner’s wish is to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars.

This March, Gunner’s dream will come true. Gunner, his two brother’s Trevor and Brogan, his sister Kya and parents, Kristen and Clinton, will all head to Anaheim to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater in Carsland, and visit Legoland and Sea World. Gunner’s mom expresses how she can not wait to see him truly happy when he meets his two heroes, “He needs to have something to smile at for everything he has gone through.” Without a doubt, Gunner’s smile will be ear to ear.