Morgan is a bubbly, vivacious little five year old who just started kindergarten. His teachers describe him as gifted and often comment on his ongoing nature. What might be surprising to those who don’t know him very well is the battle he has fought everyday for the last two years. When Morgan was three, he and his mom, Kim, moved to Calgary and didn’t know a single person. One afternoon Kim received a call from daycare explaining that Morgan had taken a tumble and couldn’t seem to stand up again. Kim figured he probably had a sprain or, worst case scenario, had broken something, never thought it could be something far more serious. She rushed him to the hospital and waited for almost ten hours for doctors to examine Morgan. Throughout the evening, he kept saying “Ouch, Mommy Ouch” and Kim’s concern grew. After some blood work, a doctor confirmed Kim’s worst fear; it was cancer.

Kim and Morgan waited two days to hear back from an oncologist to confirm that Morgan had ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He began treatment immediately and reports came back that he was responding well and the prognosis looked good. It has been two years and he is still undergoing chemotherapy everyday but in the spring they are hopeful he will be done and his direct line (chest IV) can come out.

During the tougher days, Kim would daydream with him to take his mind off the pain; she would ask him what he would rather be doing. He would always respond “I wanna go camping!” He had gone camping in a trailer with a friend’s family and had fallen in love with the experience. As a trailer was out of the question due to cost for the single parent, when we asked Morgan what his most heartfelt wish would be he responded immediately with a request for their own camping trailer.

Morgan and Kim are already planning their first trip together and have been researching the best spots to visit. They are excited to explore British Columbia and southern Alberta. When speaking with Kim, you can hear the love in her voice for her son and her gratitude. “Children’s Wish did more for us than even our own relatives. Thank you for everything!”As the weather gets warmer this tight knit duo will head out and spend some much needed quality time together laughing, swimming and most importantly camping!! Thanks to MSI and their employees for helping special children and families just like Kim and Morgan.