Build Long Lasting, Positive Relationships With Your Customers

Continuity Plus is a quality provider of loyalty programs in retail with strong partnerships in Canada. Our marketing efforts help you to win the shoppers in the store – and keep them! Our well crafted campaigns will increase your shopper loyalty, in turn resulting in greater sales and more frequent visits. To ensure the quality of our loyalty programs, we partner with top brands of popular products.

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What We Do:

High Quality Reward Products

Our team is dedicated to finding the highest quality and most desirable products to sustain the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can be assured that your rewards will be sought after and appreciated.

Develop Shopper Relationships

Build a long lasting and positive relationship with your customers – make your shoppers happy with enticing rewards! We help you to revive the relationship between you and lost shoppers and win them back with exciting loyalty programs. Our programs are also successful at turning occasional shoppers into regular shoppers.

Service and Selection

From conception and implementation, to tracking stamps issued and managing inventory, we look after your rewards program every step of the way. Your program solutions are also 100% customizable to meet your individual requirements and objectives. Our experience and support organisation make managing your program a breeze.

Why Choose Us:

Program Support

We have dedicated representatives to help you with any loyalty program — related questions you may have. To complement our programs we also offer mystery shopping, shopper activations, feedback, and assistance to improve ROI as part of our service to you.

No Risk

To ensure a carefree execution, we offer a return policy for un-redeemed items. This means that you do not get caught trying to liquidate leftover inventory that did not move during the course of the program.


We have the expertise and experience to draw unique insights from shopper behaviour. We possess the technical understanding to develop and maintain a loyalty program from start to finish. Our focus is on developing a loyal customer base, creating a unique experience that makes customers feel appreciated and better connected.